Make Awesome Email

The send button, QA and avoiding errors

The send button is scary. The anxiety and pressure never really goes away, but you can make it a bit easier to be comfortable. Making yourself a checklist can help — it might be that your team already has one, but here are some starters:

Another pair of eyes is really helpful here, but make sure you set expectations — we’re looking for some help checking grammar and details — big rewrites and changes in content at this stage often leads to rushing, and that leads to mistakes.

You are not alone

There is a whole community of people who make email. Join the #emailgeeks slack group — there’s lots of people there with advice and ideas if you get stuck.

Have fun!

Email is a channel that can be difficult, belligerent even, but it’s pretty immediate. You can see actual results happen quickly, and learn lots for next time. We make lots of it — try not to get hung up on making the ultimate email, it’s a channel where being done is better than being perfect.